Seven Red Ball games

The Red Ball game series will surely satisfy your craving if you are looking for adventure and fun. Each and every sequel will make you enjoy every roll and jump made by the red ball. The challenges and problems will not bore you at all for they are not impossibly hard to get through.

In the first Red Ball, you will learn some techniques on how to get through obstacles and solve some problems. Some levels are too easy you might think, yet some are hard that you will need to think first before you can go on. You will also be familiar with the controls of the game.


In Red Ball 2, a storyline was already added. The King Red Ball was strolling in a park when a strong wind blew his crown away. He looked and searched around yet he failed to find it. He was afraid his people will not believe that he is their king without the crown. And so he seeks for your help to find his lost crown. In Red Ball 3, Red Ball had found the love of his life, Pink Ball. But while strolling happily together in a park, a black ball appeared and saw them. He thought it would be best that he and Pink Ball be together. And so he knocked down Red ball and snatched Pink Ball away. Red Ball must do everything to bring back Pink Ball.

Red Ball 4 has three volumes. In Volume 1, a red ball turned into a red square appeared. He told Red Ball that other red balls were also captured and are being turned into red squares. He also mentioned that Black Square has plans of making the world into a big square. Red Ball decided to rescue all the captive red balls and stop Black Square from his evil plans. The saga continues in Red Ball 4 volume 2. And finally, I Red Ball 4 volume 3 or also known as Red Ball 6, Red Ball had entered the dangerous factory.

Red Ball 5 went back to the original gameplay. A simple roll and jump and collect stars. However, you also have to collect some hidden objects in each level to make the game more exciting.

Get back Fluffy in Mad Day

Do you have a pet you truly love? Have you imagined how you would feel if someone takes your beloved pet away? If you think you would do everything for your pet, practice your skills in the action-packed game of Mad Day.

Mad Day (2)

In Mad Day, you have a dear octopus pet named Fluffy. One ordinary day, you were playing with Fluffy. Suddenly, an alien flying saucer came and got Fluffy. You must do everything to take back your adored Fluffy. Be clever enough and go after the aliens that took him.

Get you vehicle and start driving after the aliens using the arrow keys of your keyboard. However, aliens and other obstacles will be along your way to stop you. Shoot them all using the Letter X key of your keyboard. Collect coins as you drive, jump using the space bar. Take note of your life bar just above your vehicle. When you lost life, you can upgrade your vehicle for better performance and reach longer distance.

You can upgrade your vehicle in several areas using he coins you have collected. Upgrade your Gun to increase handgun’s damage. Upgrade your Armor to increase your vehicle’s armor. You can also increase your Launcher damage by upgrading your Launcher. Your reload time will be faster if you upgrade your Reloader. And upgrade your Wheels to increase your vehicle’s speed. At the beginning of each run, you will also be offered some additional upgrades like coin magnet, boosters and more. However, these upgrades are not permanent and are only good for the current run.

You will need to get through four big aliens before you face the alien who captured your dearest Fluffy. Challenge yourself to reach longer distance and record a new Best record every time you try by avoiding obstacles that will make your life bar shorter and by shooting aliens along your way. Mad Day is a challenging action shooting game you can play for free at

Accomplish your objectives in MORT the Sniper 2

MORT the Sniper 2 is the second installment from the very entertaining and thrilling game series called MORT the Sniper. There are two factors why this particular game series is very popular. First is because of the fact that it is about shooting with precision which most of us are very fascinated about as well as want to acquire or learn. Second is because of the graphics and themes that are appealing and perfect for the gameplay.


The situation in this second installment or edition is to accomplish the objectives or tasks given to you. In each level, there are varied goals to accomplish which are purely about eliminating bad guys and saving or rescuing victims. Do your best in precise shooting in order to finish the game with flying colors. This particular flash game is perfect for someone who loves sniper as a shooting weapon and its precise performance and quality.

It is a game of chance and logic with The Idiot Test

Are you confident that you are smart or intelligent? If your answer is a yes, then you should try facing the game called The Idiot Test. You may or may not be familiar with it but this content will help you be enlightened. The Idiot Test is a game of logic which is created by Ryan Curtis in the year 2006. From the title alone, you can sense that it has something to do with a test. Beside the challenge brought by the game, you will also love the designs and features it presents.

Your ultimate goal in this very game is to follow and execute the instructions given in each level. Most of the time, you will have to be logical and sometimes, you will have to be really smart. You should remember the instructions because they will disappear once you turn on the next page of the game. This is a very confusing game so you have to focus on the instruction and do your best to test your knowledge and understanding of things.


Match and harmonize the sounds in Violin Tuner

Violin is the smallest but highest-pitched, in regular use, wooden string instrument in the violin family. It has four strings which are tuned in perfect fifths and usually played using a bow across them. It is said that violins are hard to play because as you use the bow on the strings, the use of your other hand on the strings must be perfect to produce the desired pitch. Before a beginner will be able to play a violin perfectly, he must understand the relationship of the bow and the fingers on the strings.

Violin Tuner (8)

Fortunately, you can practice your skills in the game called Violin Tuner. It is a game where you will choose the string you want to tune. You will then turn the knobs up or down until the sound matches the sound being played. The sound from the string must be in harmony with the sound being played.

Violin Tuner (1)