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Play Tiny and Cute Characters in Orisinal Games

Take a break and relieve your stress with Orisinal Games. Four Original Titles that will surely get you smiling throughout and will keep you wanting to play more. These mini-games will challenge your hand-eye coordination, but will not make you blow your temper as you play with very cute characters.

Orisinal Games (5)

First on the list is Rainmaker, you play as a little boy riding a cloud. Your mission is to turn as many black crows into white doves without getting pecked by the black crows. Maneuver the cloud by moving the mouse and left-click to pour on the rain. Summer Walk lets you control three little chicks that walk through a farm in a sunny day. Help them find their food and get pass through rocks. As they walk on, you can find more chicks that will go along with the chicks you control. As the line gets longer you will find it harder to get the chicks past through obstacles.Panda Run is a 2d running game. You control a cute little panda through a bamboo forest. The goal is to get as many mushrooms as you can while dodging rolling stones and flying crows. Use the mouse to control the Panda and left-click to make him jump.The best is kept for last, It Takes Two, lets you control 2 cute dogs jumping up and down in a seesaw. As the other jumps to the seesaw, the other one gets flung into the air and into a jumping flat form, then the cycle goes on. You need to help these 2 dogs to get their food by flinging one of them into passing snacks. Use the mouse to control where they will jump and land, left-click to make them jump.

All four Orisinal games are a must try, whether it be a short break or a pastime. Does not need too complicated controls and lets you relieve a good amount of stress.

It is all about spiking and digging in Slime Volleyball 2

Football and Basketball are two of the established sports in the entire world. But there is one emerging at the moment which is called Volleyball. It is called Mintonette in the earlier years but called volleyball because when people play it, there is like a volley symbol once the ball crossed the other side of the court. The three basic skills are serving, setting and spiking. Back to the main topic, flash game creators have incorporated this sport in their game like the one called Slime Volleyball 2. This is actually the second edition which surely offers new features.

The objective of the game is the same with the previous version which is to play competitive volleyball and defeat your opponents by spiking the ball hard towards their court. But this time, two or more players can enjoy this game and the opponents can be a combination of human and artificial intelligence players. If you are good at spiking and digging, then this is the perfect medium for you.


Red object elimination is a must in Red Remover 3

Games that involve shapes and puzzles are the ones emerging now at the gaming world. There are three factors why. One is because of the challenging form or platforms that are being set up in each level. Second factor is the improvement of certain skills that it gives to any players who engages with these games. Last factor is the entertainment it initiates as the game progresses that makes it addicting and thrilling to play. There is one puzzle game that incorporates colors and shapes and it is called Red Remover 3.

This is already the third offering from the series where it belongs. The objective in this game is to remove all the red objects or shapes to advance to the next level. The platform where the objects are placed are complicated. It means that you have to do any way possible to remove the red ones. You can click certain red shapes but some are not easy to click. Avoid removing green objects. Blue objects are neutral. All red objects must go. Check this game at now!


Train your duckling hard in Duck Life

If you love engaging in racing games, try playing Duck Life game for a different racing experience. The story began when your farm was destroyed by a tornado and the only thing that survived it was a duck egg. Your goal now is to train the duckling to be an expert racer to win and earn cash in race competitions. With this cash, you will be able to rebuild your farm. You have to train your duckling in running, flying and swimming.

Duck Life  (3)

As you train, do not forget to feed him too. Feeding him will give him energy which he needs before joining a race. You will earn some coins as you train but bigger amount can be earned when you join and win in races. There is a recommended duck level for every race. You can buy feeds and other accessories for the duckling in the Game Shop.

Find more Games Like Gun Mayhem here

One of the best shooting games you will find online is the Gun Mayhem game series. It is an action game involving arenas, firearms and weapons. If you have enjoyed playing all its sequels, surely you would ask for more. You will find three games like Gun Mayhem at First is the Fight for Glorton game where you will fight against enemies and damage them until they are ejected out from the playing arena. You can play in both single and multiplayer modes.

The second game is Superfighters which is an action game which also involves firearms and weapons and can be played in single or multiplayer modes. The last game in the list is Combat Hero Adventure which is an action adventure shooting game with seventeen cut scenes and played in about ten arenas. As you play on, you can unlock twelve more weapons.