Deflect the boulders in Boulder Basher 2

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Boulder Basher 2 is the second edition from the game series created by Game Hippies which is called Boulder Basher. It has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2007. This game has something to do with deflecting or avoiding a weapon. There are two interesting things about this second edition. First are the giants who are destroying the village. Second is the way that the players have to defeat them which is done by drawing lines. This game requires great strategy and tactics from the players because this is somehow a logical game.


The mission of the players who will be engaging with it is to draw lines whenever the giants are throwing boulders down. You must be able to protect the village from destruction as much as possible. You must also defeat the wizard that releases fireball which is very destructive. The shorter the line you draw, the bouncier the rocks get. Make sure that it will be deflected towards the giants to score.

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