Detonate the grenades in desert rifle 3

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Test your shooting skills now… Desert Rifle 3 is the third installment of the Desert Rifle game series. Like its predecessors, you are tasked to kill opponents who are running towards you across a wall. While preparing to shoot, you can hide behind the wall. The number of opponents that you have to kill in each level is shown on the screen. As you level up, the game gets harder for enemies bring skilled soldiers which are wearing better armor and are faster. Use guns, mines and remote grenades to kill the zombies.



You earn score whenever you kill an enemy. Use that score to buy better guns, landmines and desert storm. Desert Rifle 3 is an action-packed strategy game. It is played using both keyboard and mouse. Because of the violence involved, player must be at least twelve years old. Know more about this game and play it for free

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