Get back Fluffy in Mad Day

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Do you have a pet you truly love? Have you imagined how you would feel if someone takes your beloved pet away? If you think you would do everything for your pet, practice your skills in the action-packed game of Mad Day.

Mad Day (2)

In Mad Day, you have a dear octopus pet named Fluffy. One ordinary day, you were playing with Fluffy. Suddenly, an alien flying saucer came and got Fluffy. You must do everything to take back your adored Fluffy. Be clever enough and go after the aliens that took him.

Get you vehicle and start driving after the aliens using the arrow keys of your keyboard. However, aliens and other obstacles will be along your way to stop you. Shoot them all using the Letter X key of your keyboard. Collect coins as you drive, jump using the space bar. Take note of your life bar just above your vehicle. When you lost life, you can upgrade your vehicle for better performance and reach longer distance.

You can upgrade your vehicle in several areas using he coins you have collected. Upgrade your Gun to increase handgun’s damage. Upgrade your Armor to increase your vehicle’s armor. You can also increase your Launcher damage by upgrading your Launcher. Your reload time will be faster if you upgrade your Reloader. And upgrade your Wheels to increase your vehicle’s speed. At the beginning of each run, you will also be offered some additional upgrades like coin magnet, boosters and more. However, these upgrades are not permanent and are only good for the current run.

You will need to get through four big aliens before you face the alien who captured your dearest Fluffy. Challenge yourself to reach longer distance and record a new Best record every time you try by avoiding obstacles that will make your life bar shorter and by shooting aliens along your way. Mad Day is a challenging action shooting game you can play for free at

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