Help the cute vehicle in Wheely 1

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Cars and other vehicles are constantly incorporated in different entertainment medium because of three reasons. First is because of the great demand from people, watchers and gamers. Second is because most of us are very fond of vehicles and some are dreaming of having one someday. Last is because of the fact that they are truly entertaining which makes people fascinated and amazed. This article that you are currently reading presents a game that incorporates a cute vehicle. The name of the game is Wheely 1.

wheely (2)

This is the first edition from the game series called Wheely. The name of the main character is Wheely which is a cute car but has problematic navigation skills. In this game, he plans to join a fun race. Your mission as the player is to help him overcome obstacles such as rocks and other hinders. You can always play this game if you have time.

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