It is all about spiking and digging in Slime Volleyball 2

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Football and Basketball are two of the established sports in the entire world. But there is one emerging at the moment which is called Volleyball. It is called Mintonette in the earlier years but called volleyball because when people play it, there is like a volley symbol once the ball crossed the other side of the court. The three basic skills are serving, setting and spiking. Back to the main topic, flash game creators have incorporated this sport in their game like the one called Slime Volleyball 2. This is actually the second edition which surely offers new features.

The objective of the game is the same with the previous version which is to play competitive volleyball and defeat your opponents by spiking the ball hard towards their court. But this time, two or more players can enjoy this game and the opponents can be a combination of human and artificial intelligence players. If you are good at spiking and digging, then this is the perfect medium for you.


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