Match and harmonize the sounds in Violin Tuner

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Violin is the smallest but highest-pitched, in regular use, wooden string instrument in the violin family. It has four strings which are tuned in perfect fifths and usually played using a bow across them. It is said that violins are hard to play because as you use the bow on the strings, the use of your other hand on the strings must be perfect to produce the desired pitch. Before a beginner will be able to play a violin perfectly, he must understand the relationship of the bow and the fingers on the strings.

Violin Tuner (8)

Fortunately, you can practice your skills in the game called Violin Tuner. It is a game where you will choose the string you want to tune. You will then turn the knobs up or down until the sound matches the sound being played. The sound from the string must be in harmony with the sound being played.

Violin Tuner (1)

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