Deflect the boulders in Boulder Basher 2

Boulder Basher 2 is the second edition from the game series created by Game Hippies which is called Boulder Basher. It has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2007. This game has something to do with deflecting or avoiding a weapon. There are two interesting things about this second edition. First are the giants who are destroying the village. Second is the way that the players have to defeat them which is done by drawing lines. This game requires great strategy and tactics from the players because this is somehow a logical game.


The mission of the players who will be engaging with it is to draw lines whenever the giants are throwing boulders down. You must be able to protect the village from destruction as much as possible. You must also defeat the wizard that releases fireball which is very destructive. The shorter the line you draw, the bouncier the rocks get. Make sure that it will be deflected towards the giants to score.

Utilize the given weapons in Play Strike Force Heroes 2

Becoming a soldier is a one tough profession or job to accomplish or comply with. There are three reasons why. First is because of the tough training, education and field demonstrations that one has to undergo before he can move on to the next level. Second is because of the emotional detachment that one has to show because one has to be deployed from somewhere the family is far. Last is because of the fact that their one foot is always on the brink of danger. These are the reasons why it is a great and noble job.


If you want to have a glimpse of what it’s like, you can rely on different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. You might want to try the game called Play Strike Force Heroes 2 now! The mission is to kill the enemies while making your way through the base and capture or steal their flag and win. Are you ready for the challenge? Play it now!

Help the cute vehicle in Wheely 1

Cars and other vehicles are constantly incorporated in different entertainment medium because of three reasons. First is because of the great demand from people, watchers and gamers. Second is because most of us are very fond of vehicles and some are dreaming of having one someday. Last is because of the fact that they are truly entertaining which makes people fascinated and amazed. This article that you are currently reading presents a game that incorporates a cute vehicle. The name of the game is Wheely 1.

wheely (2)

This is the first edition from the game series called Wheely. The name of the main character is Wheely which is a cute car but has problematic navigation skills. In this game, he plans to join a fun race. Your mission as the player is to help him overcome obstacles such as rocks and other hinders. You can always play this game if you have time.

Connect the yellow pegs in Connect 4

Connect 4 is the fourth installment from the game series called Connect. This is all about creating lines of yellow pegs which are either vertical, horizontal or slant. There are three reasons why it is enjoyable to play this game. First is because of the objects that you will be dealing with.

Connect 4

This game is a great one to raise awareness or let children play and interact with object, shapes and colors that are vital for their learning. Second is because of the game play that may look simple but is quite tough to pull through. Last is because of the opponents that you will be dealing with which are quite tricky and wise. Your goal is to create lines of four yellow pegs which are either on horizontal or vertical formation. This game is about strategy and efficiency. Try playing this game now and test your skills now! This is perfect for all ages.

Battle it out with the aliens in Awesome Tanks 4

Are you looking for a game that involves tanks, aliens and the outer space? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely like the flash game being presented in this article. The name of the game is Awesome Tanks 4. This is actually the fourth installment from the game series called Awesome Tanks. Obviously, this game includes tanks that you will be dealing with. Since this is already the fourth serving from the series, the story in this edition is leveled up or developed.


You are now a popular tank driver in the outer space because of the titles and battles that you have won in the past. Unfortunately, you were abducted by an alien who is envy of your success and wants to destroy you. The alien placed you on an alien arena where you have to battle powerful alien tanks. Prove that you are the best in the entire universe by utilizing the given weapons in the game. Your score will be determined by three factors. First is the number of kills. Second is about the time limit. Last is about your tanks overall consistency.