Play Tiny and Cute Characters in Orisinal Games

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Take a break and relieve your stress with Orisinal Games. Four Original Titles that will surely get you smiling throughout and will keep you wanting to play more. These mini-games will challenge your hand-eye coordination, but will not make you blow your temper as you play with very cute characters.

Orisinal Games (5)

First on the list is Rainmaker, you play as a little boy riding a cloud. Your mission is to turn as many black crows into white doves without getting pecked by the black crows. Maneuver the cloud by moving the mouse and left-click to pour on the rain. Summer Walk lets you control three little chicks that walk through a farm in a sunny day. Help them find their food and get pass through rocks. As they walk on, you can find more chicks that will go along with the chicks you control. As the line gets longer you will find it harder to get the chicks past through obstacles.Panda Run is a 2d running game. You control a cute little panda through a bamboo forest. The goal is to get as many mushrooms as you can while dodging rolling stones and flying crows. Use the mouse to control the Panda and left-click to make him jump.The best is kept for last, It Takes Two, lets you control 2 cute dogs jumping up and down in a seesaw. As the other jumps to the seesaw, the other one gets flung into the air and into a jumping flat form, then the cycle goes on. You need to help these 2 dogs to get their food by flinging one of them into passing snacks. Use the mouse to control where they will jump and land, left-click to make them jump.

All four Orisinal games are a must try, whether it be a short break or a pastime. Does not need too complicated controls and lets you relieve a good amount of stress.

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