Prepare for a bloody ride in Earn to Die 2012 Part 3

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Do you like the multi-part game series called Earn To Die 2012? If your answer is a yes, there is a good news for you. If your answer is a no, don’t worry because you will love it after reading this whole article. It is about a flash game that involves zombie-crushing and it is called Earn To Die 2012 Part 3. This is obviously the third part of the multi-part game Earn To Die. This part 3 offers features that will surely thrill and challenge players.


You must first know your goal before taking into action. The objective of this game is still the same which is to survive the hordes of zombies by smashing, bumping and crushing them into pieces until there is bloodbath feels. You have three levels that need to pass such as Level 1 for an easier obstacle and designation, Level 2 for a moderate difficulty and Level 3 for a very difficult smashing experience. There are three types of vehicles that you can use such as a van, flatbed truck and a tanker truck. Enjoy and prepare for a virtual bloody ride now!

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